National Institute of Technology

Our Background

Our Background

Accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), the National Institute of Technology (NIT) was established in 2003 to provide a broadened range of Technical and Professional Education and Training programs that support our student’s career goals and significantly contribute to the National Development Plans. NIT aims to create and develop Vibrant, Skilled, Competent and Work-prepared Entrepreneurial Technicians, Technologists and Professionals for the industry and the national economic vitality. 

Through its strategic collaborations with the Marvelous University of Technology and Applied Sciences (MUTAS) in Zambia, the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Namibia, the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) in South Africa, NIT is fully committed to develop students as visionary entrepreneurs, critical thinkers, complex problem solvers, and critical decision makers, effective communicators and prosperous business leaders with skills needed by the Industry 4.0 and the changing nature of the labour market.

Why Choose to Study at NIT

Work Readiness

NIT courses will give you real hands on experience in pursuing your education. It is what is called learning by doing it or action learning. Based on a 70% practical (action learning, action research, projects, reflective thinking, critical thinking, etc.) and 30% theory teaching and learning and assessments methodologies, all the NIT students become work ready (prepared) during their first year of study and graduate with strong work ethics, analytical, problem solving, communication and entrepreneurial skills which are the major factors that employers are looking for in their new recruits.


NIT’s courses prepare students for employment and self-employment. The NIT courses develop a student’s employability skills as they offer the experience of real-life practical tasks and work placements. NIT’s qualifications are generally well-regarded by employers as the courses enable students to develop useful hands-on skills in respective fields of study and in critical areas such as problem solving, time management, entrepreneurial, communication, work behavior, visionary and focus minded, team work, and project planning, execution to evaluation.

Why Choose to Study at NIT


 NIT courses are designed and developed with the help of the employers, industrial experts, professional bodies, higher education experts and lecturers. NIT’s qualifications provide students with industry-specific knowledge, skills and competencies which make graduates’ work outputs to be relevant to their employers’ missions, visions and goals.

 Practical Teaching and Assessments

 The NIT’s 7 principles of teaching and learning through which integrate learnt theory and gained knowledge into applied and action learning methods develop employability and practical skills required by the current and future world of work. All the NIT programs are assessed through objective and rigor-based assignments and projects for which origination is examined through the Turnitin to prevent plagiarism. The outcome of these assignments must be in an implementable practical and quality standard.

Career Progression

Employers value NIT’s qualifications as the courses are industry-centered and directed. In other words, unlike academic programs, the NIT courses give students the industry-specific knowledge and skills which makes them readily employable.

Why Choose to Study at NIT

Career Progression Cont. 

This, combined with the problem solving, time management, entrepreneurial, communication, work behavior, visionary and focus minded, team work, and project planning skills they gained throughout their learning process give the NIT graduates a strong competitive edge to progress in senior job positions and to further pursue their postgraduate professional degrees such as Masters of Technical and Professional Doctorate Degree programs at various reputable higher education institutions.

Reputation and Prestige

  • The industry relevance, practicality, career specific and quality of the NIT qualification will make you to standout and visibly be seen and noticed in a cloud of many academically qualified graduates.
  • As more employers expect their new employees to have relevant practical skills and competencies than costly academic knowledge, NIT makes your CV and profile standout.
  • NIT is known for stringent quality standards which govern the provision of its higher vocational, technical and professional courses. NIT is also known for its practical, relevance and Industry driven courses.
  • The above values, compounded with the work ethics, entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills you will learn and practice while studying at NIT will grant you the respect, reputation and prestige within the industry sector you will work.

What NIT intends to do

The transformation from CTPD to NIT is intended to effectively contribute towards the creation of job opportunities, the development and supply of the much needed skilled and competent entrepreneurial Technicians and Technologists and Professionals and the change of the public’s negative perception about TVET in the country.

The transformation is also intended to provide career progression opportunities for VTCs graduates to take higher technical courses within the country instead of South Africa and all other countries and to articulate and progress from our programs onto degree programs with NUST and UNAM

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